Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Children of Light"

I first photographed the "Children of Light" in 2006 and recently went back home to take some portraits of them again. I intend to photograph them once or twice a year from now on. Throughout my teenage years, I lived only a couple miles from this group of people who call themselves "Children of Light." They believe to have been supernaturally chosen and called by God in 1949. The group originated in Canada and thru visions of God ended up in a secluded area of the southwestern part of Arizona in 1963. They acquired 80 acres of land and built their own homes, planted gardens, fruit trees and live a vegetarian lifestyle. They are also "Eunuchs and virgins for the kingdom of heaven's sake." Although they are a religious group they don't claim to be a certain religion instead they say this is a way of life that they've chosen to live. Elect Star, Elect Philip & Elect David are 3 of the original 18 members who remain there. If you would like to see the photos I took in 2006 please visit and go to the "exhibits" section. Thanks to Sara Placey who joined me on this trip and helped w/the shoot.

–eu•nuch [yoo-nuh k]
A man who has been castrated, esp. (in the past) one employed to guard the women's living areas at an oriental court. In some societies, the notion of eunuch has been expanded to include men who are impotent with women or are simply celibate.

"Children of Light"

"Elect Star"

"Elect Phillip"

"Elect David"

"Way of Life"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DATELAND (this post JUST for you Chad!)

This weekend I went back home to Dateland to take some portraits of the "Children of Light" (which I will be posting in the next coming days). My friend Sara and I left Phoenix at 4:15am to catch the sunrise there and stayed till the sun went down. It was a long, cold & very windy day but the sunlight was perfect and made for a lot of photo opportunities. On our way to see the "Children of light" we were distracted by this abandoned marine bus and took a few shots. The 1st photograph of me was taken by Sara Placey and the rest by me.