Monday, June 1, 2009

1st Post: Old Photos

I'm taking part of a blog challenge and today is the official start date! If anyone is interested in participating please email me the link to your blog and it will be added to Awesome Blogs. There's no prizes but I've nomitated Jess & Jeremy to host a "blogparty" at the end of the challenge lol!

So here's my first official post for the challenge. These photographs were taken about a year ago at Boo's Warehouse in downtown Phoenix. A huge group of photographers (AZ Strobists) got together that day and we all shot at the same location.

"Mr. Pants" - A gentlemen who happened to be on location when we were shooting. I don't know his real name but he introduced himself as Mr. Pants.

"Pregnant Jeza" - My cousin Jezabel was my model for the shoot that day.


  1. lol yes thanks for the nomination, we best get some good salsa out of this.

  2. ohhh don't you worry Jesska... the avocado salsa will be making an appearance at that party!

  3. End of June early July? What's the ETA on this thing, I'm coming hungry :-)