Tuesday, June 2, 2009

World Wide Photo Walk

Last year the art director from my work and I participated in Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk and we'll be attending again this year! We've signed up for the walk in Prescott.. it's a good excuse to be in somewhat cooler temperatures for the day. Unfortunately, it's at full capacity (sorry Garza) but they have 22 spots open in the Phoenix one just click on the link above if you're interested in being part of it. To make a long story short the event is open to anyone as long as you register and secure a spot in time and you meet w/the group that day and walk around and take photographs. Then everyone posts their pictures on flickr and winner are chosen. This event takes place ALL over the world its really neat and interesting to see all the amazing results from the walk. Here's a couple shots from last years walk.

Alley in Prescott

Prescott Buscaderos

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  1. Wendy you didn't put the pic of the old man I loved that one.